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Marvin and Claudette Walker have led Faith Apostolic Church in Troy, Michigan for the past twenty years, but you may also know them from the years they have invested in leading Bible Quizzing, Tupelo Children's Mansion, or Family Life Seminars. They are wonderful, godly people, and they know how to hear from the Lord. This is a prophetic word given to Claudette Walker on Sunday, November 29, 2020 for the Body of Christ.


My precious children, I would say unto you today that I understand that you do NOT understand. I feel your confusion. I feel your heaviness. You have cried out to me but many of the things that you have asked of Me I have denied. I understand that this is difficult for you. My call unto you today, My children, is to TRUST ME. I am asking you to trust Me.


I have you in a spiritual gym. I am adding weights to the barbell each day. This is not because I am an uncaring Father but because I am a LOVING FATHER. I know how strong your spiritual muscles must be to endure these last days, so I add more weights to the barbell. Your faith muscles must exert and become stronger to fight and to stand in this day when the spirit of Antichrist is exponentially increasing every day. The war is raging, My children, and I am preparing you to become VICTORS!!


Do not despise the process that I am putting you through. I am causing you to lift heavy weights. Every time that you lift the weight and declare My Word IN SPITE OF HOW YOU FEEL, your faith in Me grows. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of the Lord. So, I urge you to bathe yourself every day in My Word. CLING TO MY WORD!


Speak My Word IN SPITE OF WHAT YOU SEE, and your faith will grow. You will not only make it through these last days, but you will BE STRONG AND WILL DO EXPLOITS.


I must not pamper you. I must not coddle you. But I MUST TRAIN YOU. My coming is nigh, even at the door. Yet before I come, there will be a great outpouring of My Spirit. I am preparing you to bear the weight of My glory. Stand against these evil spirits that come against you, My children. Although I allow heaviness upon the inhabitants of the earth, this day I am RAISING YOU UP, for I am training you.


Now I ask you, when I come will I find faith on the earth? The enemy is trying to sever your faith, for that is your lifeline to Me. Whatever you must do, do not allow that to happen. Cling to My Word! Cling to Me like never before! I am requiring blind faith from you. When you walk in darkness still trust in the light of My Promises.


Be patient, My children. I love you with an everlasting love. I love you so much that I am training you to stand and to trust in the process of My plan.