Who We Are

We are a multi-generational church, built on the foundational truths of the Bible and established by the faith of our founding members.

Our mission is to see individuals of all ages, races, and economic statuses daily cultivating their relationship with God. Our church is Bible based and Christ centered. That means we not only believe what the Bible says, we attempt to live it out every day through the examples Jesus Christ both taught and demonstrated.

As such, we attempt to connect people in our community with God while reaching for those have yet to hear the Gospel globally. We do so through our time, finances and prayers. Just as many before you already have, each of us came to understand there was something greater than any one of us could understand or accomplish. We came to realize that together, as well as with the help of God, we can become the Church God desires us to be.

We invite you to join us as we experience the gift of the Holy Spirit, water baptism in Jesus name, heartfelt worship, prayer, evangelism, studies of the Bible and leading others to Christ. When you do, you are fulfilling God's divine purpose for your life.